As many of you know today, Apple iTunes is a software application for downloading, playing and managing audio and video files. Indeed, there is a lot you can do with the Free iTunes Codes. Some of that includes:

  • Join Apple Music
  • Play Beats 1 or Apple Music Radio
  • Use the iTunes store
  • Transfer songs from CDs
  • Sync iTunes content with your devices
  • Use iTunes and iCloud together
  • Share music over your home network
  • Convert from one audio format to another
  • Create self-updating (smart) playlists
  • Add credit to your iTunes account from an iTunes Gift Card

So, What Exactly Is The iTunes Gift Card?

Primarily, it’s important to note that Apple permits digital cards which are used to purchase applications inside the Apple Store and Tunes Store, or purchase books on iBooks Store. Therefore, we can distinguish two types of gift cards that Apple offers, those being iTunes Gift Cards and Apple Store Gift Cards. For our discussion here, we are focusing solely on iTunes Gift Cards, which are basically used to buy Apps, Games, Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and iCloud.

How To Generate Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Using A Generator?

Now that you know more about what iTunes Gift Cards are, feel free to click button bellow and you will be forwarded to the generator page. Select gift card value (such as $25, $50, $100, etc.), and wait for generator to do its work.

Access Generator

After that, you will need to complete the verification step. This is a simple short process of proving that you are human by completing one of the surveys from a given list. These surveys are completely free and safe, only needed for the verification purposes.

Note that you may see different offers. It all depends on device or country you are in at the moment. Once you are done with the whole verification process, go back to your generator page and get your free code uncovered!

Redeeming iTunes Codes

Finally, it’s time to redeem your iTunes Gift Card Codes. Note that there are several ways of how you can complete this process.

First, if you’re using an iOS device, you can open the App Store and tap onto your Profile. There, click on Redeem Gift Card or Code, where you can sign in with your Apple ID. Go ahead and enter the code you generated. The app automatically verifies the code and adds it to your balance. At this point, you can use that same balance to make purchases in the App Store or iTunes Store.

However, in case you’re using any other device or desktop, keep in mind that the process is very similar. First, click on the following link, which will forward you to an official website: Next thing that you need to do is to sign in to your Apple account. If you do not have one, go ahead and create it. Go to a redeeming iTunes Gift Card page and enter the code. The rest of a process is the same as with the iOS device.

In case you still have some troubles redeeming you iTunes Gift Card Codes, feel free to visit the official site for redeeming gift card of iTunes:

At the end, just know that you can also upgrade your iCloud storage with the remaining balance which will be credited to your Apple account.

Thank You For Reading Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Guide!