Would be amazing if you could have an access to any premium tiers of the pass, for free? Being able to unlock every seasonal set of rewards is what every Fortnite fan dreams of. Having the Season 6 Battle Pass, for instance, means that you have an access to seven new Skins including Lara Croft and Agent Jonesy, a bunch of other cosmetics, along with additional 1,500 V-Bucks. That changes your Fortnite experience by a lot. If you are here looking to get free Battle Pass in Fortnite, be sure to read below for detailed instructions. We are now able to give out certain amount of Battle Pass codes, so hurry up before the stocks get empty.

Get free Battle Pass

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What’s so special about Fortnite Battle Pass?

Fortnite, the world’s biggest game, came out with its Battle Royale mode in July 2017. The plan was to get monetized through a premium currency (V-bucks). Yet, as the game grew, Epic Games came up with a new innovative monetization approach.

In December 2017, they started introducing the Battle Pass and that’s when the revenue jumped to a whole another level. Since then, Fortnite let’s players purchase a limited time Battle Pass, play matches and earn progress towards unlocking various rewards. Those rewards include skins, avatars, visual effects, and other cosmetic – everything that makes players look cool.

Leveling up a pass typically takes about 75 to 150 hours. If that’s way too much, players can always give money to Fortnite and purchase great chunks of the rewards at once.

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How to use our service to get free Battle Pass?

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In order for your code to be completely revealed, you’ll need to complete a human verification. Above all, this is a way of making our service safe at all times. It’s absolutely necessary that we assure no bots are trying to abuse or degrade our method. All instructions will be displayed on your screen and you’ll quickly see how simple it is to complete the verification. It should all take you about a minute or so and please keep in mind that you won’t be charged for anything nor asked for any personal information. Once you’re all done, your Battle Pass code will be revealed right away. Go ahead to redeem the code and enjoy having the best Fortnite adventures ever!