Discovering the World of Free Twitch Prime: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready for a premium experience on Twitch? Make sure you stay with us here and follow through what you can do with our free Twitch Prime. We can assure you’ll be glad you took time to check on it.

Get Twitch Prime Free Subscription

What Is Twitch?

To start off, let’s shortly review over what Twitch has to offer to the gamers around the globe. As the world’s leading live streaming game platform, this service makes it possible for gamers to share game footage with others, watch eSports events, chat with millions of other fans, and follow their favorite gamers. It counts as many as 15 million daily active users and about 2 million unique broadcasters every month. When Twitch was introduced in 2011, it originally focused almost entirely on video games. Later, however, it expanded to include streams related to music, talk shoes, artwork creation, and the occasional TV series.

Where Can You Watch Twitch?

First, the Twitch streams can be watched on the official Twitch website and via one of the many official Twitch apps. Those are not only available for iOS and Android devices, but for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, PlayStation 3 and 4, Amazon’s Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and the NVIDIA SHIELD as well. To simply watch the broadcasts and videos on Twitch, viewers don’t have to log in or pay for anything.

However, if you desire to do more than just watch the Twitch, you can create an account on it. That allows you to add whatever channels you want to a follow list and participate in each stream’s unique chartroom. Additionally, streamers can earn money through subscriptions and Twitch partnerships.

How Is Twitch Connected to Amazon?

In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch and managed to create some significant growth over the years. The company made it more popular by adding new features and changes ever since its acquisition. One of the main things was that they added micro transactions to the site and created the in-site virtual currency known as Bits. Users can purchase Bits with Amazon Payments, and then use them as micro-donations to streamers. Ultimately, it’s how users Cheer – or in other words – celebrate and support a streamer.

Discussing Twitch Prime & Its Benefits

Continuing with the upgrades of this platform, Amazon decided to launch Twitch Prime in 2016. In essence, Twitch Prime is an Amazon Prime’s home for gamers. It introduces premium features for Twitch users and is now available in all major regions worldwide. There are many benefits of using Twitch Prime, among which are:

  • Ad-free broadcast experience across Twitch.
  • Free Twitch channel monthly subscription used on any Partner or Affiliate
  • Member access to game content at no additional cost.
  • Exclusive member savings/discounts on physical copies of games.
  • Exclusive emoticons reserved only for Twitch Prime and Turbo members.
  • Expanded chat color options.
  • Member-Only Prime Chat Badge.
  • Downloadable free monthly games offered on a limited-time-only basis.

How Much Does Twitch Prime Cost?

The thing you should note is that this premium experience on Twitch is included with Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships. As of July 2018, a full Amazon Prime subscription costs £7.99/$12.99 per month or £79/$99 for a year. On the other hand, there is Prime Video subscription which costs £5.99/$8.99 per month. Though, we question whether this premium service is worth your money? Considering all the platforms we have to pay subscriptions for, it might be a little bit too much to afford for this particular service.

What Is Our Free Twitch Gift Card Generator?

Generally speaking, we developed this website because we genuinely wanted to make it possible for everyone to enjoy exclusive resources and content such as Twitch Prime offers. In this case, that’s where our Free Twitch Prime generator comes into play. This tool takes as long as the few minutes of your time, and it stands for a very safe and easy method to use. It is proven to work on all iOS and Android devices in more than 176 countries.

How to Get Free Twitch Prime Subscription?

Assuming that you have already downloaded the Twitch and made a free account, let’s go over what you can do here to upgrade your experience for free. To start the given process, first, click on the button placed below.

From there, you will get to the generator page. Simply provide your username or email that you’re using for your Twitch account, and select the platform you’re currently on. Then, choose the amount of free subscription (1/3/12 Month) you wish to generate and let the generator do its work.

Free Twitch Prime

Right after that’s been complete, the verification window will open up. This step exists there so the users can prove that they’re a human. You complete this step by downloading 2 free apps on your device and running them for at least 30 seconds each.

Just keep in mind that everyone typically gets different offers. That indeed depends on a device you’re currently using (iOS / Android), and the country you are in at the moment. After all, simply follow the rules under every offer you get and you’ll complete verification successfully. As soon as you finish, you can go back to your account, where you’ll find that your Twitch Prime subscription has been activated.

Get Twitch Prime Free Subscription

Final Words

With the use of our generator, you will be able to enjoy everything that Twitch Prime offers, for free. We believe this is how we contribute to the Twitch Prime community. For us, it’s very important to know that every game lover has the opportunity to stay in touch with the latest game trends and events. Please, feel free to send us any suggestions you might have. We are excited to hear about any additional information or tips you perhaps have about this service. Stay in touch with us and take the advantage of everything our provides worldwide.

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