Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Codes: Gain More Diamonds Today

Ni no Kuni is a JRPG that takes players on an adventure through fantastical worlds filled with adorable creatures, memorable characters, and heartwarming moments. In Cross Worlds, the protagonist explores this beautiful world once again, but now he’s not alone. Players can join him in a new VR experience where they can explore these magical lands in third person and even fight enemies alongside the protagonist! This article will give you all you need to know about Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Codes for free Diamonds including its how to get them , how to redeem them , and much more. Let’s begin!

How to Get Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Codes for Free Diamonds

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What is Ni no Kuni VR?

Like many VR games, Ni no Kuni VR is an immersive experience that allows players to explore the game world from a first-person perspective. In Cross Worlds, players can explore the beautiful world of Ni no Kuni in third person and even fight alongside the main character. You’ll be able to see your character’s hands in the game as well as be able to see and interact with your surroundings in a way never possible before.

The most exciting part of this new VR experience is that it will tie into the main story of Cross Worlds. With the VR experience, players will be able to unlock special items and abilities and then transfer them to their main game.

What Can we Expect from Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds?

Cross Worlds takes place years before the first Ni no Kuni game takes place. Players will take on the role of a researcher who’s been studying the fabric of the world. This researcher will be sucked into the world of Ni no Kuni where they’ll meet Oliver. Over the course of the story, players will be able to experience the beginning of Cross Worlds’ story. Specifically, they will find out how Oliver discovered the ability to control magical creatures.

Another big difference between the VR and main game is that the VR version is playable in co-op. Players will join forces with Oliver to explore the world and fight alongside him. It’s unclear whether this will be a fully-fledged co-op experience or if one player will just be helping the other. Either way, it’s great to see Level-5 expanding on the main game.

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