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Toyhouse is a site where you can upload the characters you make, they can be fury characters or any of your choice. Then after that other people can buy them from you and there is also a trading option. This site is invite only, so you will need Toyhouse Invite Codes. 

This was just a brief outline of what the Toyhouse website is about, and if you want to see the whole review, keep reading. 

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As I already said, you can upload the characters you create to Toyhouse and store them that way. They are protected from theft and copying through a watermarking system. The whole site has a very simple design and is easy to use. If you are creative and enjoy creating unique characters, then this is the site for you. 

What I like most about this site and what distinguishes it from others is customization. You can customize your profile as well as the profile of your character. You can also customize all the folders in which you store characters. While there are many different types of websites and online communities, Toyhouse is the only online community dedicated to creating and adopting virtual characters.

Toyhouse Invite Codes
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Also another great thing about this site is that you can meet other people and make new friends. There are all people who have common interests in life and it is very easy to make friends. Even if you are shy, you will surely find someone who suits you.

Of course, you have to be aware that you can come across toxic people who are not in a friendly mood. You may also come across people who will try to steal your works and appropriate them for themselves. There may be a problem here, since the moderators are not very up-to-date, but this is probably because a lot of users use Toyhouse.

Speaking of problems, many people ask every day why Toyhouse is an invite only website.

Why is Toyhouse Invite Only 

As you already know, Toyhouse is not an accessible site for everyone. In order to access it, you must have an invite code. Typically, the invite codes are given to users who donate money to the website. And if you are wondering why that is, there are several reasons.

Through invite codes, Toyhouse team earns. This is a very simple and obvious reason. Behind the whole site are the people who work on it, from support to developers, and the only way to make money is through subscriptions and codes. A monthly subscription costs $5 and with it you can get 8 codes.

How to Get Toyhouse Invite Codes 

Getting your own Toyhouse invite code has never been easier. With the help of the generator, you don’t have to donate or pay a subscription. 

In just a few minutes and a few steps you need to do, you can get your invite code completely free. You can use the code you received for yourself or even give it to someone as a gift. It is also important to know that you can use this generator multiple times, so you can get as many codes as you want.

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