Batman Zero Wing Glider Code – Free Batman Zero Wing Glider

As far as we know, Fortnite had a collaboration event with DC Comics back in May 2021. Therefore, this event brought us different variants of new cosmetics for players to unlock. The first thing that caught the eye of the players in this bundle was the Batman Zero Wing glider. If you want to try it out, stick to the end of this article, as we can help you get your Batman Zero Wing  Glider Code basically for free.

Batman Zero Wing Code Generator

The most efficient way to get this glider is to purchase it from the Item Shop for 1200 V-bucks. Also, you can purchase the whole Batman Zero Wing bundle for 2100 V-bucks. As the players think this beautiful glider is valuable, we had to find a way of getting Batman Zero Wing Glider Code for free. And we did it! We found a perfect opportunity for Fortnite lovers to get their Batman Zero Wing Glider Code in quick success, by using our online generator. With our online tool, your code will be available instantly and free of charge.

Access Generator

How to Redeem Code

This step is easy for you if you already used our online assistance. Perhaps, if you didn’t, we will go through the steps once again. Firstly, sign-in to your Epic Account.  From there, easily find a button that says ‘Redeem Code’ and click on it. After that, just enter the code that you got by using our online generator and snap ‘Redeem’ button. In the end, you will have your Batman Zero Wing Glider Code that will never expire, and you can activate it on any Fortnite-compatible device.

About the Batman Zero Wing glider

Batman Zero Wing glider was released in Chapter 2: Season 6 and it represents Batman’s wing cape in Fortnite. With the blue rarity of the DC Series and a Batman: Zero Point set, this glider is a must have if you are a Batman fan. This dark themed glider will increase your gaming experience dramatically. May 16th, 2021, was the last time we saw this glider in item shop. With that in mind, we should not expect it to return to shop any time soon.



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