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The Merry Mint Axe is one of the rarest items you can get. Especially three years after its release, it is almost impossible to find it. So all you have to do is to use Minty Pickaxe Code. We’re more than happy to be able to offer exclusive codes in return for completing only few tasks on any device you have available.

In case you’re not familiar with the Merry Mint Pickaxe, I’ll just tell you that it’s a must-have item in Fortnite. Literally everyone wants to have it, so what are you waiting for. Read more details about Minty Axe.

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The Merry Mint Axe is an epic harvesting tool in Fortnite. It has flames on it and is very powerful looking. You must have seen it somewhere by now and wished you had it too.

Minty Pickaxe Code
Image Credit: KeenGamer

Merry Mint Axe belongs to the Christmas and Holiday category, which can be seen by the Christmas lights it has. Players rated this tool with 4.1 stars out of 5. Minty Axe is also a rare item, so it is a premium to have it with you.

Due to the fact that it is rare, from the very beginning of the release of this harvesting tool, the quantities were limited. Many players have been left without their Minty Axe, only to be told they have no more in stock. This is completely understandable given the fact how popular each tool or skin is when it first comes out. But this tool still hasn’t lost its popularity, there is something special about it.

How did People Get the Minty Pickaxe Code?

Minty Pickaxe came out in november 2019 and then it could be won as a promotion when the user buys a licensed Fortnite product in one of the stores. Quantities were limited, so they were distributed only while supplies last. Actually, this pickaxe was not expensive considering that you got it when you buy something from the merch. And that’s a great thing, you get something useful and beautiful.

But Fortnite decided to end this promotion, so it’s harder to find Minty Pickaxe now. People are still actively looking for it and it is important that you know that it is not impossible to find it. You just need to know where to look.

How to Get Minty Axe Code?

We understand how much everyone wants to get Minty Axe, so I recommend you to use the code generator. The best thing about generator is that everything should take up to two minutes of your time. This means that you can use this service over and over again.

The principle is very simple – you get to unlock your unique Merry Minty Axe Codes in return for completing few tasks on any device. With this awesome Pickaxe you also get v-bucks completely free. Follow through and witness it yourself how easy it is to get you very own Minty Pickaxe code in 2022.

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