Minty Pickaxe Code remains being one of the most sought after gift cards in the Fortnite universe. We all know there are no surprises when it comes to that. Minty Pickaxe is—for a good reason—an exclusive cosmetic almost every Fortnite player wants to get their hands on. Because it’s one of the rarest cosmetics in the game, Fortnite fans are constantly looking everywhere to find the working Minty Pickaxe code.

Our service turned out to be one of the most used on the web. In return to completing few tasks on your device, we provide unused Fortnite codes. Ever since Minty Pickaxe’s release in November 6th, 2019, we had thousands of daily users from all over the world. Now, we decided to upgrade our online tool even more and not have limited stocks any longer. Thus, you’ll be able to use the service as much as you want.

Minty Pickaxe Code

Image Credit: KeenGamer

Why would you want to get our Minty Pickaxe Code?

We all know that Fortnite cosmetic items draw much of our attention, especially because they let us customize the look of our experience.  As you probably already know, the official way to get a code would be to purchase a licensed Fortnite product in-store. Since this works only in certain countries and it can get expensive for most of us, our team decided to focus all of our efforts in making it possible for anyone to get this item. We built an online tool you can use right now and enjoy the special treatment at no cost.

Minty Pickaxe Code

How to get free Minty Pickaxe using our service?

In order to begin using our online tool, you must first click on the button placed below. Then, simply leave your on-going username and choose your package of V-Bucks you will claim along with Minty Pickaxe. From there, wait for all the connecting and generating to be done.

Access Generator

As your very last step, you’ll need to complete a short human verification and prove that you’re a human. The process is very simple and it will take as long as two minutes of your time. Follow the instructions under each offer you will see displayed on your screen. Once you do so, your code will automatically be relieved and you’ll be able to go to your Fortnite account and redeem a Minty Pickaxe code. Your product will be waiting for you in your cosmetic item inventory the next time you launch the title.

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