FNCS Pickaxe – How to Get FNCS Pickaxe In Fortnite

FNCS Pickaxe or better known as The Axe of Champions belongs to the Epic tools in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It belongs to the harvesting tool or pickaxe. Pickaxes can be used as weapons and deal 20 damage per hit, and are also used as a resource gathering tool for building. Everyone has heard of the FNCS Pickaxe and it is one of the most wanted for a reason.

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This pickaxe truly represents prestige. This FNCS pickaxe has the Fortnite Champion Series logo on it and really looks powerful at first look. Also, as soon as you see someone with this epic pickaxe, you know they are a very good player. However, you have to be a very good Fortnite player to win it.

fncs pickaxe
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Harvesting Tools exist in Save the World as well as in Battle Royale. They also have a similar function. Each tool has a unique look as well as the category it belongs to, but none is quite as majestic as The Axe of Champions. As the word itself says, this is only for champions. Most of these tools can be bought using V-bucks in the in-game store or won as a reward for in Battle Pass. However, the FNCS Pickaxe is not so easy to win.

Is FNCS Pickaxe Rare?

FNCS Pickaxe is — first and foremost — an insanely rare item in Fortnite. Considering the only way to get it in-game is to win the FNCS, it’s clear how rare this item is. On top of that, you have to be the current champion to be able to have this pickaxe. If you’re not first on the list, you won’t be holding it. If you are the first, you have to fight for that place, because as soon as someone catches up with you, you will lose access to this skin.

Many people think that the losing skin is bad thing, because you have shown enough of your skills with just one victory.  You have to work hard until you finally win it, and then you only have it for a short time. But maybe this will change, it remains to be seen.

How to Get Free FNCS Pickaxe

If you haven’t been able to get your FNCS skin, we have a solution for you. Using the generator you can get this epic skin in Fortnite. You don’t have to worry, the whole process is safe and everything is insured.

Also, the process of getting a free FNCS Pickaxe is not complicated at all.. It only takes a few minutes, you won’t even break a sweat. While winning the Fortnite Champion Series still requires a lot of effort. So there’s no need to wait any longer, just use the generator and get your pickaxe. Also, you can come back for it again if you need it. The process can be repeated as many times as you want and always remains the same.

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