FNCS Pickaxe is still on every Fortnite fan’s wish list. We’re proud to say that we can now offer the latest exclusive codes for this remarkable harvesting tool. In return for completing only few tasks on your device, you’ll be able to generate an unused code, at no cost whatsoever. No matter how many times you decide to come back, our service will remain fully optimized and safe for anyone to use. Let’s find out more about FNCS Pickaxe and how you can use our online tool to acquire it.

fncs pickaxe

Image Credit:  Fortnite Intel

About FNCS Pickaxe

FNCS Pickaxe is — first and foremost — an insanely rare item in Fortnite. Known as The Axe of Champions, this Epic Harvesting Tool sports the Fortnite Champion Series logo at the top and an Epic rarity grade. The Axe of Champions was first added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, and it is essentially part of the Champion Series set.

Since you get access to it by becoming a FNCS Champion, it represents an in-game reward for competitive Fortnite. This is an entertaining way to crown a winner in-game and it can give you insights about who’s the current FNCS winner is in your lobby.

How can you get free FNCS Pickaxe Code using this service?

To begin using our online tool, you must first click on the Access Generator button placed below. From there, choose which package of V-Bucks you want to claim along with your FNCS Pickaxe. Wait for the generator to process and connect.

To finish, you’ll be required to complete a short human verification. This step is absolutely necessary due to our own and yours protection. It is very easy to complete and requires almost no time. Follow the instructions under each offer you choose. Once you do so, your code will automatically be relieved. Simply go to your Fortnite account and redeem a FNCS Pickaxe code. Your product will be waiting for you in your cosmetic item inventory the next time you launch the title.

Access Generator

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