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About Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a free-to-play third-person shooter, with a variety of playable characters known as Rogues, multiple maps, and objective-based game styles. Matches are divided into rounds, with each round beginning with both sides skydiving from planes to the map below to compete in various objectives. There are four game modes in this game.

  • The most popular mode is Extraction, which pits two teams against each other. It’s a four-player game, with offensive and defensive teams.
  • The Strikeout mode, which is identical to Extraction but allows players to resurrect after being killed, is the second most popular option. The amount of respawns is the same for all teams.
  • Demolition, the third mode, is a 4v4 mode that involves planting explosives.
  • The final mode is Wingman, which is based on a 2v2 format.

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