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Rogue Company is a free-to-play, shooter and multiplayer game published by Hi Rez Studios. Also, this is a third-person game and the first release came out in 2020. If you are wondering if you should play this game, my answer is yes. This is a really good game, but of course it has some flaws. If you’re interested in hearing more about Rogue Company Codes, keep reading.

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One of the best things about this game is that it has a cross account play option. This means that you can play on different platforms with the same account. This option is rarely seen in other games, although I think it is one of the best options that can be included. No one wants to create new accounts depending on the platform they play on, right?

Also, the rewards in the battle pass are great. There are 50 levels in total and you can win various skins and boosts. However, you cannot get enough rogue bucks even if you go through the entire battle pass. You won’t have enough for the next season. So you will have to pay for each subsequent season.

As for the gameplay, there are 3 main modes, namely demolition, strikeout and extraction. Demolition is the main mode, where there are two main points on the map and two teams, one attacking and the other defending. Whoever wins 8 rounds wins. Sometimes it can take a while since there are a lot of rounds, but it is very interesting to develop the best tactics to win.

Strikeout is a version of team deathmatch, and extraction is a fast version of the main mode. This mod is very good for practicing for demolition mod. There is also a ranked mode, which is always a good thing in games. You have to level up to unlock ranked mode.

There are 25 playable characters, or Rogues. There is a class for everyone. Just some of Rogues are: Anvil, Chaac, Juke, Kestel, Umbra and Ronin. At the beginning, there were 13 original Rogues, and new ones were released over time. So we can always expect someone new.

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Is Rogue Company PC Only?

Rogue Company isn’t just for PC, which is great news. As we mentioned earlier, there is a cross account play option, which means that you can change one account to several different devices.

Available game platforms are: Windows, Nintendo, PS4, PS5, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

How to Get Rogue Company Codes?

Rogue Bucks are another important aspect of this game. What’s more, they belong to the premium currency and are not easy to obtain. They can be used to buy special weapons or to unlock cosmetics items.

If you want to get Rogue Bucks completely free, I recommend you to use the generator. In addition, with the help of the generator, you can very easily generate a Rogue Company codes for your account. You can choose the amount of bucks you want to get, and you can also come back for more if you need it.

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