The Shark Card is a virtual currency that allows you to buy items in Grand Theft Auto Online. The game itself doesn’t come with any virtual currency, so if you want to splurge on some fancy new threads or other in-game items, you’ll need to get your hands on a GTA 5 shark card first. While the game itself doesn’t give you one right out of the box, there are ways to get your hands on a free GTA 5 Shark Card. If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, now is your final chance to claim one of these cards!

How To Get Free GTA 5 Shark Card Codes

Getting free GTA 5 Shark Card is never been easier. Probably you will searching to get Megalodon Shark Card for free but with our service you will be able to generate other cards as well. On our Generator you will be able to get Whale Shark Card and Great White Shark too.

Access Generator

Just by following simple rules on next page you will be able to activate your Free GTA 5 Shark Cash Card code. Once your verification is completed successfully you are all set to redeem your code on your GTA 5 online account.

How to use Shark Cards GTA 5 on PC, PS4,PS5, XBOX

A shark card is a virtual currency that lets you purchase items from the in-game store. You can’t just buy anything you want like you can in real life. Though, you can only obtain certain items, such as new cars and weapons. There are two types of shark cards you can buy in GTA Online: the Great White Shark Card and the Megalodon Shark Card.

The Megalodon is the more expensive of the two, but it also has more uses. You can use the Megalodon to buy more items and get more in-game money. The Great White is mostly used as a one-time payment for items that the Megalodon can’t buy. The shark cards also come in different denominations, so you can buy a smaller amount if you don’t want to spend a lot at once.

How Much Does a GTA 5 Shark Card Cost?

The Great White Shark Card costs $14.99, while the Megalodon costs $74.99. If you’re looking to get a free shark GTA 5 cash card, you’ll want to use our online generator tool. The shark cards are available in several different denominations as well.

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