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Webkinz is a franchise of the company Ganz, which deals with the online production of stuffed toys. It was published for the first time back in 2005. Each Webkinz toy has a special “Secret Code” that allows the player to use their pet. In this post, we’ll explore some of the basics of this game and how you can get Free Webkinz Codes.

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Since it’s been around for 17 years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Webkinz. Purchasing Webkinz toys is only available for Canada and the United States, while people from the rest of the world can purchase their toys through the Ganz eStore.

There are a lot of different pets that you can buy. For example, we have the Lil’Kinz category, which includes smaller versions of the toys. There you can find a cow, a lion, a chihuahua, a horse, a tooth, a unicorn and many more.

There is also the Signature Pets collection, which contains standard pets that are of better quality and more detailed. In this collection you can find a polar bear, a red panda, a red wolf or a Bengal tiger. These are just some of the signature pets. Their standard price is $27.99.

One great feature is the pet of the month. Each month a pet of the month is chosen and all players who have adopted it that month receive a special gift.

Free Webkinz Codes
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Retired pets and seasonal pets are also an important subject in Webkinz. Retired pets are those that are no longer available. Considering that there are hundreds of different pets, it is normal for some to retire and for new ones to take their place. You can certainly find retired pets, but it will be more difficult because most of them have already been sold. And seasonal pets, as you can guess, are those pets that are not available all year round. These pets are available from time to time, in a certain month and in a certain season. So for example we have Black Cat which is available for Halloween. Also after that we have Reindeer which is available for Christmas or Snowman which is available all winter.

In Webkinz, in addition to pets, you can also buy furniture to furnish the house. You can participate in various challenges and send gifts to your friends. You can also trade or read electronic books. There are also clothes that you can buy, but for all that you need a lot of resources.

What happened to the original Webkinz?

If you have played this game from the beginning or a few years ago, you must be wondering what has happened and changed until now. To begin with, Webkinz has decided to shut down all accounts that are not active. Also, the entire pet season has been replaced with newer pets. But the whole essence remained the same.

How to Get Free Webkinz Codes

As you might have guessed, Webkinz offers you a lot of different pets, equipment and clothes, but for all that you need money. That’s why you can use the generator and that way you get as much money as you need.

The money you get through the generator is completely free, and you can use it to buy a new pet. You can also use this as a gift for someone who is a big fan of Webkinz.

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