Graveyard Drift Quest pack code – Learn how you can get Graveyard Drift Quest pack for free

If you are a Fortnite lover, you know that the skins are one of the most popular things about this game. Back in 2018, Epic Games released a skin called Drift, which was the legendary outfit of Season 5 Chapter 1. In the meantime, Drift has fallen into the darkness, and got himself a new Halloween based skin for the Fortnitemares event. If you want to get this precious bundle for free, Graveyard Drift Quest pack code is here for you. You can go ahead and read all the necessary information below.

Graveyard Drift Quest pack code
Image Credit: Epic Games

What makes Graveyard Drift Quest Pack so special?

The Halloween celebration in Fornite called Fortnitemares is currently happening in-game. With that in mind, the Epic Games came up with the idea of introducing plenty of new skins and Halloween-themed maps, costumes, pickaxes and backblings.

One of those releases included the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack on October 19th, 2021, and the players are expecting this bundle to improve their gaming experience dramatically. This bundle contains:

  • Driftwalker Outfit with Styles
  • Corrupted Tendrils Glider
  • Corrupted Rift Edges Pickaxe
  • Broken Fractal Wings Back Bling

In addition, if you complete all the quests, you get up to 2,000 V-Bucks.

Video Credit: Tabor Hill

How to obtain Graveyard Drift Quest pack?

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to get Graveyard Drift Quest pack is to purchase it directly from the Epic Games website. If you want to get this fascinating bundle, you’ll have to spare another $15.99.

However, you can always unlock this skin pack using the codes. If you in the same boat as many players and find this pack overpriced, we are here to help you get Graveyard Drift Quest Pack code without penalty. As our online services are safe and easy to use, we can ensure you will get the code immediately.

Using our online generator to get your code

To start with using our online generator, you first need to access it by clicking the button placed right below. Once you get there, enter your email address where you want your code to be sent to and select your server. Hit ‘Connect’ and as soon as you’re connected, you’ll be able to select your Graveyard Drift Quest pack card and press ‘Star Now.’

Access Generator

As you’ll see from there, the code that was generated for you will be partially revealed. This is what we regularly do as we need all of our users to complete a short anti-spam. Because we aim to protect our business as well as your own privacy, this becomes vital part of the procedure.

But don’t worry; this verification should take up to two minutes of your time. Simply follow the instructions so your code can be available for the use right after you’re done. Check your email for additional details in regard to your code.

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Activating Graveyard Drift Quest pack code

In case you don’t know how to redeem Fortnite codes, we will repeat the steps once again. Firstly, you have to log into your Epic Games account. After that, find the section where it says ‘Redeem Code’ and click on it. That’s a place where you get to enter the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack code you got using our online service. From there, hit the ‘Redeem’ button.

You should have successfully activated the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack code at that point. Keep in mind that our Fortnite codes don’t expire. You can activate them on any Fortnite compatible device, at any time you prefer.

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