As Fortnite is no stranger to exclusive, limited-time skins, fans are often left out without a chance of enjoying certain outfits. That’s why many end up looking all over the Internet for possible ways of getting free Fortnite codes. Since iKONIK is one of those most sought-after skins, our goal was to build an online service that can solve your problems and show you how to get iKONIK skin code in 2022.

How to get iKONIK skin

The iKONIK skin is probably the rarest skin in Fortnite. Inspired by the Korean pop band iKON, this Epic Fortnite Outfit skin was released on March 14, 2019. The problem was that the skin was only available to players who had purchased the Galaxy S10 or one of its variants.

This partnership with Samsung made it hard on millions of Fortnite fans. Players started searching for ways to acquire the skin elsewhere, which Epic could expect to happen. That eventually led Samsung to replace iKONIK skin with a new exclusive GLOW skin.

Why would you want to get iKONIK skin?

We are aware of everything that’s going on in the Fortnite fan universe. Based on that, our team decides what to dedicate our time and energy to. Even after all this time, players are looking for any possible way to get iKONIK skin code.

We aim to make our service accessible for everyone, meaning that you don’t even have to own a Samsung Galaxy S10 device. And the best thing about our service is that its completely free of any charge. Read below for detailed instructions.

How to get free iKONIK skin using our Fortnite Skins generator?

Access Generator

  1. Begin using our service by clicking on the Access Generator.
  2. From there, simply provide your EPIC Games username and then select the platform you’re using.
  3. The server will start searching for the working code. As soon as the generator finishes its connecting and generating, you’ll need to complete a short verification. This process is necessary since we have to be sure you are in fact a human. We simply don’t want any bot trying to interfere with our service. As you will be able to see on your screen, you complete that by choosing one or two offers from the list.
  4. When that’s all done, our service will automatically provide you with your iKONIK skin code.
  5. To redeem the skin code, follow instructions from Epic Games’ official webpage and your skin should appear in your locker within minutes. In case of trouble shooting, simply restart your Fortnite game or console for the skin to be added.

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