Green Goblin Skin Code – How To Get Green Goblin Fortnite Skin for Free

Just when we thought that collaborations ended in Fortnite: Battle Royale, here we are with another Marvel Series crossover. Another one on this list is of course the Green Goblin skin. When the leaks of this skin became viral throughout the time, everybody wanted this skin in their locker instantly. For this reason, we are here to help you get your Green Goblin Skin code free of charge. Stick to the end of this page to see how to achieve it!

How To Use Green Goblin Skin Code Generator

Access Generator

In general, you can purchase this skin from the Item Shop right now. Due to the popularity of this skin rising over the internet, and the price tag looking a little bit more expensive, we had to find a way to get this skin for free. And we did it! As long as you are using our online generator, you will get your Green Goblin skin code that will last forever. As a result, you can activate this code on any Fortnite-compatible device.

Details regarding Green Goblin Skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Green Goblin skin is yet another Marvel character that has been added to the game recently. For this specific reason, interest in getting this skin was rising all over the internet. This creepy-looking green-faced goblin is pulling the attention of Fortnite lovers all around the world. With the red rarity of Marvel Series, and a unique character model, you can get this skin only for 1500 V-bucks. In addition, you can purchase the whole bundle for 2100 V-bucks.

How to Redeem Free Fortnite Skin Code

In conclusion, these steps are the easiest things on this list. First of all, you have to sign-in to your Epic Games account. Secondly, hover your mouse over your profile and find a button that says ‘Redeem code’. Lastly, enter the code that you got by using our online assistance. And that’s it! You will have your Green Goblin skin code in your locker in no time.

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