Xbox Series X ‘Project Oris’ Concept Projector, Speaker & Game Console

Everyone chooses different ways to spend their quarantine time. It seems like some people are still doing great things regardless these challenging times around the globe. For instance, designer Joseph Dumary came up with the idea to develop a console of his dreams – Xbox Project Oris. This concept render for the upcoming Microsoft console Xbox Series X presents an intriguing potential vision for the gaming future.

Xbox Series X Project Oris Main Features

Simply put, Project Oris incorporates a projector and speaker in its design. Hence, it includes a laser-based, short-throw 8K HDR projector and a 3D speaker system. That means that this custom Xbox Series X is capable of automatically detecting walls and adjusting the resolution/aspect ratio accordingly. This 8K HDR advanced laser projector features Motion+ technology and 2,500 lumens of brightness, with its lamp life being visualized at 23,000 hours.

Besides, a 3D built-in speaker system supports Dolby Audio, DTS-HD along with Immersound Gaming technology delivered with deep bass. The concept’s design also includes four microphones, which work with its built-in personal voice activated assistant.

Additional Concept Features

The Xbox Project Oris also contains a reimagined controller with an integrated fingerprint sensor and touchscreen. The fingerprint sensor connects to account profiles and controller preferences, offering the ultimate bespoke gaming experience. The controller is conceptualized with a Dynamic Mode that measures a player’s stress levels through their pressure. Based on that, the algorithm adjusts the difficulty of the game automatically. Moreover, the controller can charge over-the-air at a distance of 11.8 inches or 30 centimeters from the console.

Our Takeaways On Xbox Series X Console

Even though this Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console isn’t out yet, there is so much to look forward. It would be amazing to have all-in-one console, STB, projector, smart speaker, soundbar, and home hub. With such bright minds as Joseph Dumary is, we can be certain that the gaming industry can only continue to grow. After all, let’s hope we’ll learn even more about the Xbox Series X soon.

Meet The Impressive Conceptual Design Of Xbox Project Oris

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